We’ll usually be able to see you within a couple of days. The first time you visit, we’ll spend up to an hour thoroughly assessing your needs, discussing your concerns and beginning a programme of treatment and exercise. After that, follow-up appointments last for half an hour.

To help us examine and treat you properly, please come along in loose, comfortable clothes. Depending on your problem, we may ask you to remove some of your clothes. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, don’t worry, that’s fine, but it will help us assess you if you can bring shorts and a T-shirt to change into instead.

We’ll give you a programme of exercises to follow in between appointments. They’re specifically designed for you, so please help us get you better, sooner, by doing them regularly.

You’re very welcome to bring someone along to your appointment. They can accompany you in the treatment room or relax in our waiting room.